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medical bills and taxes - can you deduct them?

Do you have a lot of medical bills that you pay on each month? Could those medical bills be deducted from your tax bill this year? I was helping my mother take care of all of her finances after my dad passed away. I didn't realize how many bills she had coming in each month for medical treatments that my dad had undergone months, even a year earlier. I started doing some research about medical bills and tax deductions. If you have medical bills, take a minute to read through this blog to gain some knowledge that can help you decide what you can do when tax time comes around.


medical bills and taxes - can you deduct them?

Get a Job as a Bookkeeper After Completing Online Training

by Don Walters

Are you looking to move into another industry? Have you always wanted to get started in finance or accounting but haven't had the time to go to a traditional university to get a four-year degree? It may be possible to get your foot in the door for an accounting business by proving you know how to handle basic bookkeeping tasks. Accountants and all other kinds of businesses often need someone to handle the basics of the balance sheet so that the lead accountant or store manager can focus on other tasks. Today, it's possible to get the training you need online. Here's what you need to know.

Balancing the Books Can Be Relatively Pain-Free These Days Thanks to Advanced Software

When applying for a bookkeeping job these days, you might have to answer basic math questions to prove you can add, subtract and handle other simple tasks like that. But more recruiters are looking to hire a bookkeeper are looking for someone who knows how to use a leading bookkeeping program. Advanced software can make the inputting of data easier than ever before. Yes, you'll have to learn a computer program; but once you learn it, the program will handle much of the heavy lifting for you, making this a relatively pain-free job once you get your feet under you.

It's Possible to Learn All You Need to Know About a Leading Bookkeeping Program Through Online Classes

Even before the pandemic, it was possible to get online training on a leading bookkeeping program without ever seeing the instructor in person. You could sign up for, as an example, QuickBooks Online Training, and all of the materials you need will be given to you. You'll be taught how to use the software by watching either videos or a livestream of your instructor and then might be asked to take a test by creating a report in said software using data the instructor gives you, all from the comfort of your home.

Take a Class to Learn a Leading Accounting Program and You'll Have a Leg Up Over Someone Who Walks In From Off the Street

It's still possible these days to walk in from off the street if you know someone has advertised for bookkeeping help. But if you want to make yourself stand out from the crowd, being able to put a leading bookkeeping software program on your resume will catch your potential future boss's attention.

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