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medical bills and taxes - can you deduct them?

Do you have a lot of medical bills that you pay on each month? Could those medical bills be deducted from your tax bill this year? I was helping my mother take care of all of her finances after my dad passed away. I didn't realize how many bills she had coming in each month for medical treatments that my dad had undergone months, even a year earlier. I started doing some research about medical bills and tax deductions. If you have medical bills, take a minute to read through this blog to gain some knowledge that can help you decide what you can do when tax time comes around.


medical bills and taxes - can you deduct them?

    Ways Payroll Services Benefit Your Small Business

    Did you know that businesses that realize exponential revenue growth outsource payroll services? Indeed, if you want to boost your turnover, you need more time to drive sales and less time processing payroll tax and end-of-year tax statements. If you've just launched your business, you must delegate payroll management to the professionals and focus on revenue growth strategies. Payroll services present a myriad of benefits for your rising company. With automated payroll services, you can track wages, paid time off, and tax withholdings accurately.

    4 Important Payroll Tips All Small Businesses Should Know

    As your business expands and you can hire employees, you must also ensure that your employees are properly paid if you want to have satisfied employees. You need a good payroll system in place so that you can ensure you don't end up facing IRS penalties. #1: Decide Between Hourly and Salary First, you need to decide if you want to be paid hourly or salary. Having your employees on a salary can be easier to manage, as you know what your employees will be paid each month.

    Get a Job as a Bookkeeper After Completing Online Training

    Are you looking to move into another industry? Have you always wanted to get started in finance or accounting but haven't had the time to go to a traditional university to get a four-year degree? It may be possible to get your foot in the door for an accounting business by proving you know how to handle basic bookkeeping tasks. Accountants and all other kinds of businesses often need someone to handle the basics of the balance sheet so that the lead accountant or store manager can focus on other tasks.

    5 Parts Of An Estate Plan

    All adults should engage in estate planning. Estate planning allows you to determine what happens to your assets when you die; without an estate plan established, the state will determine what happens to the things you have spent your life accumulating. Estate planning is for everyone, not just the wealthy. Choose an Executor Your estate plan doesn't do any good if there is no one to see it through. An executor is someone who you choose to make sure your wishes are carried out.

    Guidelines To Consider When Choosing Accounting Service Professionals

    Once you start a business, it's crucial to get the right team of professionals to help you with different tasks. One of the essential functions you cannot overlook is accounting. While you might handle the simple tasks, you'll need to work with accountants and tax agents or seek bookkeeping services. Most newly established companies hire bookkeepers before they can think about getting an accountant or tax agent. While bookkeepers will ensure your books are updated, there are complex tasks they can't handle, and that's where accountants come in.

    Why You Should Go Through An Accounting Software Training Program As A Small Business Owner

    If you are a small business owner who doesn't have much experience with using an accounting software program, then now might be the time to purchase some accounting software and take a training program to help you learn how to use it. These are some of the reasons why it's smart to go through an accounting software training program when you own your own small business. Avoid Having to Hire an Accountant

    Expecting An Inheritance? 5 Reasons You Need A Financial Consultant Now

    Do you expect a sizable inheritance in the near future? No matter whether you're planning ahead, or whether the inheritance is imminent, one of your first steps — before you even have a check in hand — should be to meet with a financial consultant. Why should you do this as soon as possible? Here are a few key reasons.  1. You Need a Professional. While you aren't required to seek out professional financial assistance, it's a wise move.

    The Route S Corporation Income Takes to Your Personal Taxes

    S corporation shareholders know that their income taxes can be much more complex than the average wage earner. But you may not really understand how your personal taxes are affected and what steps you must take in order to file.  To help you prepare for your tax preparation meetings and have more confidence, here are the four basic steps you'll need to complete before you can hit 'send' to the IRS.